Free Memonic account for Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg


Dear Mr. Guttenberg

We are very sorry to learn that you had to resign from your post as the German minister of defense today. We realize this is in the wake of the revelation that you had plagiarized large parts of your dissertation a few years ago.

Whenever doing research it’s very hard to keep track of all your sources and citations. That’s why we created Memonic. If you had used Memonic for writing your PhD thesis you could have stored all the various clippings in your account. You could then have organized the various thoughts into Sets or used tags to keep track of your organization. Finally for writing the thesis you would have been able to simply copy the quote into Word and re-use the content. We always store the original source of where you clipped from. So it would have been very easy to remember to add the correct citation.

Unfortunately you now had to relinquish your PhD title. But if you decide to have another go at it, here’s our offer: we want to give you a free life-long premium subscription to Memonic. That allows you to keep unlimited clippings. And you can create unlimited groups, so you can then even share your research with your supervisor.

Please contact us when you are ready to take us up on that offer!



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